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June 17, 2017

Do some of the steep vineyards in Germany and Alsace really require pickers to rappel down to harvest?

Short answer, yes:

 Alsace is a region in France on the border of Germany, so their terroirs are comparable and the styles of wine they produce are similar.

 Quote from "Great Wine Made Simple" by Andrea Robinson, page 121....

June 16, 2017

Here are a few more grapes and fun facts than what I covered in my video.


Chardonnay (SHAR-don-nay)

Chardonnay is often called the "Winemaker's Grape" or "Chameleon Grape" because it changes a lot based on how it is made. There can be crisp, acidic chardonnays (like in Chablis (sha-BLEE)), fruity, neutral ones (like in South A...

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A Toast!

...To everyone that's stared at the novel of a wine menu at a restaurant and had a mini panic attack. To everyone that rolls their eyes when someone says "I'm getting notes of..." because they have to be just making that up, right? To anyone that's ever been intimidated by mystique of the wine industry. Let's put a cork in all the pretentious talk and just enjoy a sip, shall we?

I'm here to raise a glass with you. Several years ago I fell in love with bottled sunshine and it led to my graduation with a concentration in Beverage Management from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. I'm a certified sommelier and I have an advanced certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, amongst other things. Drinking and thinking are my two favorite things and I'm here to show you how much each can improve the other. 

Special thanks to the mentors and educators I want to be like when I grow up: Cheryl Stanley, Giuseppe Pezzotti, Kathy LaTour, and Lindsay Pomeroy. 

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