Wines for Every Type of Summer Day

July 15, 2018


Whether you're having fun in the sun or you're made in the shade, there's a wine for that. 


Picnicking with Friends: Prosecco

It's true: bubbles class up every occasion. It doesn't matter how simple your snacks are because as soon as everyone here's the pop of a cork, they know it's a party! Prosecco is typically pretty fruity so it's easy to drink on its own, but drier styles also pair really well with picnic foods like charcuterie, cheese, and chips. You can even bring along a few summer fruit purees like peach, blueberry, or strawberry and you've got yourself a bellini bar. 

Try: Canella Prosecco ($19.99)


Binging Netflix at Home: Riesling

What's summer without a full day of lounging around in PJ's watching reruns of episodes you know every word to? Sometimes it's just too rainy or too hot or too much effort to go out and on those days, Riesling is ideal. It smells like peach rings and rocks after a rain (so you can totally pretend you're outside) and can taste a little like lemonade. Riesling is known to pair really well with Asian cuisine, so it'll be delicious with the Thai food you inevitably have delivered once you run out of BoomChickaPop. The best part is that it's usually low in alcohol, so you don't even have to feel bad about drinking a whole bottle by yourself! 

Try: Loosen "L" Riesling ($14.49)


Lounging by the Pool or on the Beach: Canned Rosé

This one is a no-brainer. Rosé is the ultimate refreshing summer wine best paired with the ultimate summer activities. The can ensures everyone's bare feet stay safe and means no one has to remember to bring cups or a corkscrew to the beach. It doesn't mean you're skimping on quantity either--a typical can is usually 355mL, or just about half a bottle! Now granted, drinking out of a can isn't the best way to experience all the intricate aromas a wine has to offer...but if you're sitting on the beach thinking about terpenes then you might have bigger problems. 

Try: Underwood Rosé in a Can ($7.49)


Family Barbecue: Red Zinfandel

Barbecue and Zin go together like relatives and embarrassing childhood stories. Barbecue's bold, smoky, and slightly sweet taste needs an equally bold wine like Zinfandel which has a lot of ripe fruit flavors and a kick of spice. It's a well-known type of wine which makes it generally a crowd-pleaser. And just in case you get one too many questions from your fam about what you're doing with your life, Zin has your back with ABV percentages that can get up to 16%. You're welcome. 

Try: Seghesio Zinfandel ($27.99)


Finishing a day of Hiking: Red Burgundy (Pinot Noir)

You spent all day drinking in the wonder of nature, so why stop now? Red Burgundy is known for having lots of earthy character to it, from wet leaves to mushrooms and freshly turned earth. It's the perfect wine to drink while you kick up those tired feet and pick out which "top of the world!" picture deserves a place on your Instagram. 

Try: Philip LeHardi Pinot Noir Vieilles Vignes ($29.99)












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